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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll my dog at Piper Pals Prep?

We are so happy to hear that you are interested in having your dog become a Pal. Our admissions process is quite through to continue to guarantee our high standards for dog safety,behavior, and happiness. We use a proprietary three step process to asses new Pals and their parents to ensure that they are a good fit starting with our application form,then an in home interview to observe what natural behavior looks like for them, and then a trial day at Piper Pals Prep. 

How many animals will you care for in one home for house sitting?

Piper Pals has no limit on the number of animals we will care for per clients home as long as the visit requested is long enough to meet all animals needs.

My pet needs to go to the vet,daycare,or Groomer. Can you taxi them?

Absolutely,we understand how busy life can get and that is why we were the first doggy daycare to offer taxi in Lexington! We are happy to offer our furry clients Piper Pals Taxi service for their convince .

Do you offer Boarding?

Yes and no. Our philosophy at Piper Pals does NOT support traditional kenneling practices or conventional commercial boarding because of the undue stress it causes to our Pals. We do offer a Piper Package for established Pals who meet our attendance requirements that includes an overnight stay in our home.

Do you have experience with rare or exotic pets?

Yes we do! We have cared for a wide variety of pets beyond cats & dogs such as reptiles,fish,exotic birds,ferrets,chinchillas, chickens,goats, and rodents.

What kind of qualifications do the Piper Pals staff have?

Our owners,Courtney and Lincoln, both attended the University of Kentucky with Courtney majoring in Animal Sciences and Lincoln dual Majoring in Business & Accounting. In addition to attending UK both hold certificates in Animal CPR/First Aid,Canine Behavior & Psychology, Pet Nutrition,Veterinary Support, and Canine Socialization Dynamics. The rest of our staff all hold Animal CPR & First aid certificates,are trained on animal behavior, and hold additional certificates such as Animal Physical Therapy.

What are your hours?

In order to best accommodate our clients & Pals our petcare hours range from 7AM-10PM with overnight sitting also available . 
Our hours at Piper Pals Prep are Day School Hours with drop off from 8:30-10am and pick up from 3:30-5:30pm Monday- Friday. Monday and Friday do have early drop off available upon request to accommodate Pals with earlier schedules who wish to attend but are outside of our Taxi range. Our school taxi service runs Monday-Friday with round trip or one way only as options .

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