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July 4th Safety

Hi friends! I figured with the 4th coming up this week that this would be the perfect first blog post! July 4th is one of the most fun holidays, I do love a great birthday party, but despite all the fun opportunities it presents for you it is equally dangerous for our four footed friends . With proper preparations it will still be an enjoyable seas for you pets.


JULY 4th

Okay y'all let's talk about the 4th because it is simultaneously my most (fresh strawberry pie and grilled foods? Sign me up!) and least favorite holiday because it may as well be called lost pets day,more pets run away on the 4th than any other single day of the year. Because of this local resources like your humane society,lost and found Facebook groups, and other rescue organizations will be jammed up with even more pets than usual and therefore slower to help you reunite with your missing pet. This is certainly a case where prevention and preparation are crucial. A few quick steps will reduce the risk of your pets escaping and getting lost.

1.) "ID is key."

This should be a no brainier but your pet should ALWAYS be wearing its collar with contact info. I often hear pet parents say they don't like the jingling sounds of pet tags, fortunately quite a few products exist to minimize or eliminate that sound altogether. My personal favorite is the style of collar with your contact info either embroidered in or etched on a name plate, you don't have to worry about a tag falling off . Another great idea is to check that your pets microchip info is up to date and to also consider using a GPS style tracker ( I love Tile!) if your pup has a history of door darting.

2.) "A tired dog is a happy dog."

Exercise you pet earlier in the day with an extra walk,a few rounds of fetch, or a quick trip to the dog park to make sure your pet is physically and mentally worn out. Using engaging toys such as puzzle feeders is great for mental stimulation or letting your dog lead your earlier walks "follow your nose" style is also a great option.

3.) "Treat & Repeat."

If you leave to celebrate for the evening keep in mind that you should make your pup as comfortable as you can without acting anxious, they pick up on our emotions so well and if you act worried so will they! Set them up in whatever their normal area of the house is but be sure to leave on a TV/radio to help with outdoor sound pollution and keep any nearby festivity noises (fireworks or rowdy humans) from working your dog up. It would be wise to leave a few favorite toys and high value treats (this is also a good opportunity to leave out a few new options to distract them) especially toys that are good for nervous chewing like a frozen and stuffed Kong!


Links for products mentioned above, most of these will also be carried in your locally owned pet store :



-Treat Puzzle

-Kong Classic

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