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Holiday Safety for Pets

Hi Pals and Happy Holidays!

The holidays are one of most fun and potentially stressful times of the year but with a little preparation you can save yourself, and your pets, unnecessary headaches and worry! Here are a few of our go to tips for happier holidays for everyone in your home!

1.) Enforce Holiday Door Protocol:

Holidays mean lots of visitors, both expected and unexpected! For the month of December we recommenced having a secondary boundary before the door such as a baby gate or pet fence in case of escape artist dogs while signing for deliveries or welcoming guests inside. It may also be helpful to put out your Piper Pals “do not disturb” sign so sudden knocking or bell ringing won’t work up any of your pets. If you are planning to host a large party with lots of coming and going your cats will appreciate having their own room set up for them with fresh water, favorite toys, and treats away from the rest of the commotion . If your area usually has New Year’s Eve fireworks may want to leave up your secondary boundary through the New Year in addition to playing music or leaving a TV on if you plan to be out celebrating.

2.) Safe Snacks for Pups & Cats:

Your family and friends will probably want to share the holiday joy with your pets through a universal love language, FOOD! Guest may be unaware of what people food is pet safe or if your pet has allergies or sensitivities so put out a treat jar or dish in a common area and encourage guests to use your provided snacks!

3.) Not so Jolly Holly:

Several of the traditional winter Holiday plants are not pet safe. Our friends at Forage warned us about Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettias , and real Christmas trees so silk or plastic artificial versions of those plants are safer options. If you choose to have a real Christmas tree you may want to invest in a tree collar as opposed to a tree skirt to keep pets away from potential fertilizers and bacteria that can be in the water.

4.)Best Dressed Pet

The Holidays lead to a higher than average number of lost pets, so remember to keep their collar with current contact info on at all times. The Next Door app has a pet directory where you can add your pets name and a current photo to help your neighbors identify your pets in case they get out.

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