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1st Day of Fall Deep Clean Guide

Hi friends!! Happy first day of Fall, aka the best season of them all! I love starting every new season with a clean (okay, the CLEANEST) slate to set a great mood for everything to come! Below I’ll share my Fall cleaning routine but keep in mind some of these things won’t pertain to everyone so you can absolutely tailor it to your own needs! The below list will contain why and how I clean what I clean!


-It’s Fall Y’all Cleaning List- 1.) If it’s below 70 degrees out OPEN THOSE WINDOWS!! This may be one of my favorite things about Fall, I love letting fresh air in after the house being closed up all Summer!

2.)Fall Laundry! What’s Fall laundry? Well I’ve developed an easy and efficient system to keep those lesser thought of items clean! First and foremost is your curtains! If yours are machine washable you can wash them at home but if not go drop them off at the dry cleaner along with any dry clean only duvets,pillows, or jackets that got a little stuffy while in storage! If you’re able to wash them at home I highly recommend using a scented laundry detergent like Tyler Candle Co Glamours Wash because the scent will stay fresh until it’s time to wash them again! I personally love the High Maintenance scent, especially if you have pets at home! Other fall laundry items to wash today are bed skirts,plush pet toys & bedding,throw blankets, & cloth door mats (these five items should be washed approximately every four weeks anyway so lining up the wash for these with the first day of a season makes the routine easy to establish)

3.)Top -> Down Top down is the most efficient system to clean pretty much any room and make for a much cleaner home ! I’ll break down my kitchen top down routine as an example! You would start by cleaning the tops of your cabinets,light fixtures, and any highly placed vents and working your way down to counter tops,cabinet faces, and trim work! This is also the time to take EVERYTHING out of all your cabinets to clean them (crumbs happen y’all) and reorganize. I also use this time to decide if I have anything I want to sell or donate because it doesn’t see enough use and to check expiration dates on all pantry items. While in the kitchen you would also steam clean your microwave,self clean your oven,soak your hood vent grates, clean out the air trap on your dishwasher.

4.) Details and Maintenance These are the things that are often most over looked but still need attention at least seasonally! A.)Move and vacuum under all your furniture and while you’re at it vacuum any upholstered furniture (between the cushions too!!) B.)Using a melamine sponge go over any scuffs on your walls. If they won’t budge place a post it note on the scuff,once you’ve finished the whole house you’ll know where to go over with touch up paint! C.)Clean the tops of EVERYTHING!! I can’t reiterate this one enough!! Tops of door frames,chair rail,hung wall art, & light fixtures! D.)Swap your HVAC unit filter! We do this every couple of weeks anyway in our home because of the number of pets in and out of our home but for most people once every 4 weeks should be just fine. Once you’ve changed out your filter vacuum out all your vents! E.) Call and schedule fall services such as having your rain gutters cleaned & your HVAC unit serviced.


That’s it y’all! That’s my possibly too thorough break down of how I clean for Fall! Once I’m finished I like to reward myself with a dirty chai latte and a trip to HomeGoods for fall candles and decor! Below I’m listing my favorite & trusted cleaning products: 1.) Nature’s Miracle Oxy Orange 2.) Watkins Lemon Surface Cleaner

3.) Tyler Candle Co Glamours Wash

4.) Melamine Sponges

5.) Dyson V7 Animal

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